Special place in the city – Ljubljana, 2007-2008

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Size: 275 km2
Residents: 276.000

Duration of our stay: Indefinitely (our home city)
1. Preselected participants, our friends and acquaintances
2. Asking people via flyers, stickers & website
– Interviewing preselected participants at their special place
– Collecting historic facts of each location
– Making a map of presented special places
2. Inviting more people to participate with their own contribution
Aim: Getting to know our city from different perspective
Output: Video, map, website
Number of participants: 6 (preselected) + 191
Status: Closed

Special places from Ljubljana we recieved via e-mail

We still collect special places in Ljubljana!

Call for participants / Katero pa je tvoje posebno mesto v Ljubljani?

Photos from the exhibition in Škuc Gallery

Participants in the video:
Aleš Blatnik, Marjana Bastar, Dušan Dovč, Dejan Sluga, Janja Slabe, Matevž Frančič

Video Stills