Special place in the city – Graz, 2006

Location: Graz, Austria
Size: 128 km2

Duration of our stay: 2 x 1 week, residency
Approach: Preselected participants, friends and acquaintances of the organizers
– combining two locations of each participant in a video (1. special pace, 2. everyday routine)
– exhibiting a personal item intimately connected to the special place of each participant
– collecting historic facts of each location
– making a map of presented special places
Aim: Looking at public spaces from two perspective (personal and officially objective)
Preffered places: Places that don’t exist anymore
Output: Video (duration: 38 min.), installation (exhibition in an exhibition), map
Number of participants: 9
Exhibited: Special place in the city – Graz, Gallerie Centrum & medien.kunstlabor (Kunstaus Graz), Austria, 2006

Intimate experiences are partly manifesting through storytelling of the participants and partly by their personal objects that remembers them of the particular place. We are pursuing the exposure of the intimacy by presenting each person in two contrasting environments: one is their special place the other is their everyday routine.

The project was presented in the Gallerie Centrum as video projection, collection of personal items and results of a parallel investigation of historical facts of the places.

Co-location of the exhibition was medien.kunstlabor (Kunstaus Graz) where passerby were able to see video projections and listen to the stories.

Gunda Bachan, Gerhard Gross, Reni Hofmüller, Heribert Hirschmann, Branko Lenart, Anne Marie Padelford, Luis Salguero, Gerhard Stiegler, Claudia Windisch

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Video Special place in the city – Graz is included in the DIVA Station, Digital video archive by SCCA-Ljubljana.

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