Special place in the city – Sarajevo, 2007

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Size: 142 km2
Residents: 298.000

Duration of our stay:
3 days, workshop
Approach: Asking people working in the city center
– photographing participants in their working environment,
– summarizing their description of their special place into a statement (absence of the actual special place!)
Aim: To imagine special places
Preffered places: Cafés
Output: Prints
Number of participants: 10
Exhibited: Some other city, Sarajevo winter festival, ICP Gallery, Sarajevo, 2007

The Sarajevo edition is focused on individuals whose profession is related to different services in the city centre. We approached participants at their work and asked them about their special place in the city.

The prints are actually portraits of people at work. Their special place cannot be seen this time. The viewer can only imagine it on the ground of participant’s statement.