The initiators of the platform and of all projects inside the platform is an art group KOLEKTIVA in collaboration with individual participants from various cities.

KOLEKTIVA (Vesna Bukovec, Lada Cerar, Metka Zupanič) is a group of three visual artists and curators working together since 2003 who are also pursuing individual artistic careers. KOLEKTIVA’s projects are focused on various aspects of communication, inter-personal relationships and everyday life. They often engage with the various public such as individuals, art public, passersby or specially target groups and invite them to take an active part in the creative process and become the source and co-authors of the work. They understand the process of art making as a means of immagination, negotiation, exchange and cooperation.

The group has established itself in various international exhibitions such as 11th Biennial of the Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, Athens, GR (2003), Young Art Europe, MOYA Museum of Young Art, Vienna, AT (2005), Narratives: -35/+65, Two Generations, Museum Joanneum, Kunsthaus, Graz, AT (2006), Sarajevo Winter Festival, BA (2007), PHOTONIC, LUMINATIC: New Slovenian Photography and Video, Izmir, TR/Vienna, AT/Bratislava, SK/Ljubljana, SI (2008-2009), KIPARSTVO DANES. Komponente, stičišča in presečišča. (SCULPTURE TODAY. Components junctions and intersections.), Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, SI (2010), E-motion to cohabit, Galleria d’Arte Moderna Palazzo Forti, Verona, IT (2010) etc.

Solo exhibitions of KOLEKTIVA were held in Nottingham, Zagreb, Graz, Celje, Ljubljana, Maribor, Warsaw and Venice.

KOLEKTIVA is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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